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Puglia is certainly one of the most unspoilt regions in Europe offering an authentic Italian experience. Sitting on the heel of southern Italy, Puglia is known for its fantastic weather, whitewashed hill towns and almost endless fields of olive trees and grapevines.

With 800kms of coast line along the Adriatic and Ionian seas, Puglia has some of the best beaches in Italy. Along the Ionian coast in the province of Salento, you will find white silky soft talcum powder beaches that are typical of a Caribbean island. Whilst, on the Adriatic side, around Otranto, dense pine forests and chalky white cliffs flank the uncrowded beaches.

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Airports Bari, Brindisi & Pescara

However, there is more to Puglia than just beaches and agriculture. The inner villages are fascinating and steeped in history and none more so than in the Itria Valley near Ostuni.

Here you will find hilltop villages such as Alberobello where people live in stone huts called "Trulli" - a sight not to be missed.

Salento Peninsula

There are two main tourist areas in Puglia, the first of which is the Salento Peninsula. This runs from hills in the Valle d'Itria in the north down to the southern tip at Santa Maria di Leuca where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet.

The area boasts many beautiful and busy beach resorts such as..

  • Torre dell'Orso
  • Porto Cesareo
  • Otranto, and
  • Gallipoli, a fortified and very lively seafront town
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But, there are also many sleepy towns where time has stood still such as the so-called Greek towns of Calimera and Zollino around 20kms south of Otranto, which reflect the historical ties with Greece going back thousands of years.

As well as the popular beaches resort, the other Salento hotspot for booking into a holiday home is the regional capital of Lecce. Famed for its Baroque architecture, Lecce is a vibrant city and just 7kms from the coastal resort of San Cataldo.

Gargano Peninsula

The Gargano is a special place in Puglia and almost unheard of outside of Italy. Yet, its an area of extreme natural beauty protected within the National Park.

Sitting 145kms north of Bari and roughly the same distance south of Pescara, the Gargano is home to...

  • Umbra pine forest which is perfect for trekking and cycling
  • Marine reserve of the Tremiti Islands
  • Coastal lakes of Lesina and Varano.
  • Magnificent white sandy beaches and hidden coves
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One of the main beaches is Baia dei Trabucchi about 1km from Peschici. From here, you can take a boat out to one of the 3 Tremiti islands: San Nicola, San Domino and Capraia, which attract scuba divers from around Europe looking to experience the thrill of diving in the underground caves and gorges. The two main places to stay are Peschici and Vieste where there are plenty of self catering holiday rentals including apartments and grand villas looking on to the Adriatic.

Featured holiday rentals Puglia

The accommodation along the beautiful coast of Puglia can be chic with some fantastic holiday rentals many with panoramic views of the sparkling Ionian or Adriatic seas. From hilltop villas in the towns scattered around the Valle d'Itria to beach front holiday homes, Puglia offers a wide variety of holiday rentals to suit all budgets and tastes.

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Things to see and do in Puglia

Puglia is rich in culture and history and is teeming with interesting villages and cities. Here are a few suggestions for your visit to Puglia....

  • Zinzulusa grotto near Otranto
  • City of Lecce with its exquisite Baroque architecture
  • Tremiti islands on the Gargano peninsula
  • Explore the Umbra forest in the Gargano National Park
  • Castellana caves in the Itria Valley
  • See the Trulli in Alberobello, Murge plateau
  • Fortified town of Gallipoli
  • Locorotondo - one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
  • Santa Maria di Leuca at the southern tip of Salento
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Featured resorts in Puglia

Puglia has some amazing coastal and country resorts to explore many of which are unknown to tourists outside of Italy. This wonderful region, is also blessed with some of Italy's hidden gems when it comes to beaches on both its Adriatic and Meditterean side. A couple of suggestions...

Our view on Puglia

Blessed with so much natural beauty from the Baroque treasures of Lecce to the stunning coastal fishing villages, Puglia is a treasure chest waiting to be explored. The region offers a wealth of culinary delights and fantastic wines, great beaches and plenty of history and culture. With all this and the wide stock of holiday rentals, the villages of Puglia will have you coming back time after time...

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