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Rhodes is the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands and is known for its fabulous beach resorts, ancient ruins and historical sites left behind from the times of the Knights of St. John during the Crusades. With 220km of coastline dotted with beautiful sandy beaches, incredible rock formations and surrounded by warm shimmering turquoise waters, Rhodes boasts an abudance of summer resorts to suit all budgets and tastes.

However, Rhodes is not just about beachlife - it has a fascinating history dating back to the Stone age. After the Trojan War in 1184 BC, Rhodes started to thrive and you can see an abundance of antiquities dating back to these times in the cities of Lindos, Ialyssos and Kamiros.

Rhodes at a glance
Capital Rhodes City
Currency Euro
Population 115,000
Coastline 220kms
Highest Point Mount Attavyros 1,216m
Airport Diagoras International Airport

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Like most places, the options for self catering accommodation in Rhodes cater for all budgets and tastes with a good mix ranging from farmhouses to luxurious beachfront villas and apartments. Holiday rentals are very popular with families, friends and groups as they provide the freedom, flexibility and space to do what you want, when you want - home from home.

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The best time to visit is from April to June and from September to the end of October as this avoids the scorching hot summer holidays where temperatures can often reach to 44 °C (111 °F).

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Things to see & do on Rhodes

There are too many fascinating places to visit and things to do on Rhodes to list them all but we have put together some of our favourite things to see and do whilst on your holiday.

A few suggistions.....
Colossus of Rhodes
The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes
Italian Harbor of Mandraki
Explore the beautiful white village of Lindos
Day trip to Symi Island
14th-century Castle of the Knights of St. John
holiday rentals, mount ida covered in snow

Our view on holidays in Rhodes

Rhodes has always been a very popular tourist destination and these days, even more accessible with low cost airfares and value for money holiday rentals accommodation. It is an island of stark contrast from the tourist hub beach resorts with breathtaking scenery and luxurious hotels, clubs and designer boutiques, to the unspoilt inner mountain villages where time seems to have stood still.

In a nutshell, Rhodes is a top family holiday destination, full of gastranonomic tradition, rich in culture, history and incredibly friendly.

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